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Kind words for Ringlander: The Path and the Way (See in shop)

One of my favorite reads of the year and a book that had me under its spell whenever I picked it up

Out of this World SFF

Hooked me from the start. It was such an immersive read, and I absolutely love that in a book... This is a book that I think just needs to be read

Kopratic (SPFBO 7 Judge)

I’ve never quite gotten those kinds of feelings from reading a book before, except maybe when reading Robin Hobb’s writing.


The first installment in Ringlander’s universe is a fantastic read. It’s clear, concise, and compelling.

Tales From Absurdia

Some great action sequences and heart pounding moments too. I liked all the characters and really enjoyed reading from Kyira and Fia’s narratives.

Abbey’s Book Topia

The Path and the Way is a wonderfully detailed and exceptionally well-done fantasy story that stands out as one of the best titles I have read this year.

Before We Go Blog

As a cosmic war reshapes the land and anti-imperialist rebellion spreads throughout Rengas, political games and intimate journeys collide to deliver a thoroughly engrossing and brilliant debut.

Wyrm's Worlds

A pleasure to read, I read it very quickly and enjoyed [his] contribution to the wealth of self published fantasy out there.

Philip Chase

An ambitious debut that takes all the right risks to create a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable epic fantasy.

Spells and Spaceships

An exceptionally addictive read, one that is well-paced and excellently plotted.

The Bibliophile Chronicles

Jackson’s impressive, multi-layered debut is vividly imagined and gripping.

Helen Sedgwick

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