A fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure novel full of games, grit and magic


The Battle That Was Lost Hardback (signed)


The Prequel novella THE BATTLE THAT WAS LOST. (One book per order) More


⚔️ Signed and lined Novella

⚔️ Limited & signed novella bookmark (while stocks last)

⚔️ Dedication message (add your message at checkout through Order Notes)

⚔️ In the book – the 3 first chapters of THE PATH AND THE WAY Book 1 of the RINGLANDER SERIES

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When there is something you can’t or won’t do yourself, you get a bastard to do it for you. They are thieves, cheats, and murderers, loyal to nothing but the coin. Everyone knows that.

Yet in war, payment in blood is more likely than payment in coin.

Staegrim knows coins better than he knows people, and he isn’t giving his life away for free. Not to the rebels, not for the lords, and not for all of the bloody coins in Rengas.

But then… Everyone has a price.


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