Ringlander: The Path and the Way

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A fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure full of games, grit and magic.

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Jackson’s impressive, multi-layered debut is vividly imagined and gripping

Helen Sedgwick – The Comet Seekers

Holes between worlds are tearing through Rengas. Firestorms are raging as multiple realities battle for control of the elements.

Even the Way, the turbulent channel of water that separates Nord, Határ and Kemen, the lifeblood of the city of Tyr, is turning.

Kyira’s search for her missing brother draws her away from the familiar frozen lines of Nord and south into the chaotic streets of Tyr where games are played & battles fought. As the world tears, Kyira must choose between her family or her path before the Forbringr catches up with her.

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1 review for Ringlander: The Path and the Way

  1. Mirjam N

    Had a great time meeting the ringlanders for the first time and look forward to the next chapter in their story!

    Well written and paced, I got through it in three sessions -and that was me pacing myself- because I needed to find out what came next.

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